Vidhyanath is regretful.

I need to know more about her.

The sole survivor of the crash was a baby.

Did Sundar accept your offer?

Please look at me.

Pradeep is very unlikely to be late.

She broke up with her boyfriend.

Keep away from us.


Who else is gone today?

He's now short of money.

This is about you, isn't it?

I can explain.

Let's ask Archie what we should do.

I do think this is understandable.

I am going to put on stockings because it is cold.

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As the night wore on and Sofia drank more and more, his jokes got progressively smuttier.

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The man on the floor had a knife in his back.


Yesterday was the school closing ceremony.


Did you practise the harp this morning?


I don't want to go to the pool.

Roger told Alberto he wanted to move to Boston.

You seem a little stressed.

The theater used to open up every day of the week.

It all started on a stormy day.

Was my letter sent?

I was the last one to know.

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You're not a boy.

This is too easy for Manuel.

Poverty is a stranger to industry.

Don't send me away.

My heart was broken.


Which syllable receives the stress in the word "Australia"?

Konrad and Tharen weren't religious at all.

Well, there's no such thing as being too late to correct one's faults.


I thought it might save time.


It looks so good.

We don't know what Stephen said.

The reputation of those musicians is not the best.

The choice has been made.

Birds fly long distances.

You should talk to him.

There were many who couldn't recognize him in that disguise.

Mott is now talking with Lance over near the fountain.

I've got cold feet.

I was amazed at his carelessness.

Nicholas and I are engaged.

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Kolkka was sentenced to life in prison without parole.


The party had hardly left when it began to rain.


This is a statue of Saturn.

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It meant a lot to me.


Santa awoke in a hospital room.

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Does doing things in this way have a benefit?

Don't lose your temper whatever he may say.

Simina spends a lot of money on cigarettes.

Do you have a budget?

A series of blasts reduced the laboratory to ruins.


The official we discharged of his obligations.

I've got a list.

You go on alone.

What with overwork and lack of nourishment, he became very ill.

We put the skis on the top of our car.


I'd like to have a test for breast cancer.

He began to study in earnest.

You aren't qualified to be the leader.

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He has gone to Hawaii on vacation.


Why do you have Leslie's keys?

Will you come with me?

Today was the school closing ceremony for 2008.


I couldn't talk Lynnette out of going.

Brenda and I were born on the same day.

Several flights have been canceled.

We learn by experience.

We can't see Mt. Fuji from here.

I see no reason to stop.

Don't pressure me.

I think your plan is not realistic.

He knows how to argue with the manager.

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The maid announced each guest.

Jenine was impressed with Briggs's skill.

We like to be casual.

My mother has borne her sorrow admirably.

Her oldest daughter got married.


The police are still questioning Mahesh.


Woody went back to sleep.

Many begin, but few finish.

He is getting fat.

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Wait, wait just a little while.

I gave Lin many chances.

She recognized me right away.

I hold a belief in the importance of hard work.

Please remove that chair because it is in the way.

Where's the bag?

I am pleased that you have passed the exam.


I need to finish reading my book.

I have no money to buy it.

Do you see them anywhere?


I've got to try to catch them.

Dogs' faithfulness impresses us.

I lead a busy life.

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Are you going to hurt him?


Go with who you want to go with.

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

It would be taking it too far to tell you everything.

That's an even more waste of time.

I only buy fresh vegetables, never frozen.


Chew your food well.


His knowledge of English is poor.

Is there a movie theater near here?

The weather turned better.

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Claudio actually took the time to talk to us.

The salaryman proposed to the director's daughter, but he was rejected.

That's avoidable.

Things keep getting better.

It was so beautiful.


How much time is enough?

Why didn't Jacobson just stay in Boston?

Do you want this?

Her nature takes more kindly to acting than to any other kind of job.

What would your dream home look like?

The boys are under the bed.

I'll ask you these questions.

Pandora's charming.

Her father's name's Carlos Antonio. Her boyfriend's Carlos Miguel.


Thank you for seeing me off.


What is necessary is just to read the book, when free.

Hamilton said I was rude.

Dorothy doesn't know what to say to him.


I'd leave a message.

I was a bit late.

This is a special occasion.

Ti is being bullied by Jonathan.

We've been together about three years.

I want to correct this article.

She gave the children two apples each.


I had two years to make it happen.


I don't get very many opportunities to talk with native speakers.

Charleen doesn't like chess.

Are the firecrackers loud in your area?

I'm a member of the team.

I'd like to go to France.

You knew him better than I did.

Admitting what you say, I still think he's in the right.


"May I speak to Mr Nakagawa?" "Speaking."


There were some expected answers.

Nobody's sitting here.

Have any of you seen him?

I came here to learn.

I didn't have much water.


Nothing is yellower than yellow itself.


The soldiers were marking time.

This paper has a large circulation.

My sister watches television.

Aren't you lonely without your friends?

This is my wedding day.


Such being the case, I can not go with you.

Carlo probably doesn't know why the picnic was canceled.

Apparently everyone was happy.